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    Quantum AI is a leader in Voice Artificial Intelligence solutions

    AI-powered medical assistant solutions.

    Voice-AI medical scribe so you spend more patient face-to-face time and less time taking notes

    COVID-19 screening

    Voice-AI COVID-19 screening on a local, regional, or national level

    AI-powered legal assistant solutions.

    Voice-AI enabled transcriptions, summarizations, and research for all your legal practice needs

  • Our Mission

    To accelerate the use of artificial intelligence-powered assistants to benefit the way we live and work

  • Our Solutions

    Digital Healthcare

    Medical virtual AI assistant for clinicians enabling natural conversational voice-AI to assist in EHR document generation. Whether you're a private practice, medical group or hospital, Quantum Health takes away the pain of data entry freeing the clinician to provide more quality care time for patients.

    Legal Tech

    Legal virtual AI assistant for attorneys to automate courtroom, deposition, and expert witness transcriptions. Real-time automated notes that accurately identifies key elements, who is speaking, and summarizes the entire transcription giving you the advantage in court.

    Connected Car

    Quantum Automotive is a real-time in-vehicle personal assistant platform providing best-in-class voice user experiences. Our solutions are industrial automotive grade for 100% uptime, with or without Internet connection. White label options for unique branding experiences.

    Enterprise Solutions

    Quantum AI offers professional services and API development tools to build your next intelligent enterprise assistant. For more information, please contact us below and let us know how we can help.

  • Doctor patient exam converts into medical note and EHR record.

    Digital Healthcare

    Virtual AI medical assistant for electronic medical notes and COVID-19 screening.

    • Voice-AI based virtual medical assistant

    • Real-time medical records, when the exam is done the notes are ready

    • HIPAA complaint with 100% machine generated notes, no humans listening

    • Replaces need for in-exam room human scribes

    • Listens to "both" physician and patient using AI to understand and automatically fill-out the Electronic Medical Record

    • Allows physicians to focus on patients instead of data entry

    • Works with Zoom and Teams audio recordings

    • Time savings for physicians means more time to see more patients

    • Monthly subscription fee, no up-front costs

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  • “Burnout levels among doctors are at new highs… Higher levels of burnout are also associated with more medical errors and compromised patient safety”

    The Business of Health Care Depends on Exploiting Doctors and Nurses, The New York Times, June 8, 2019

  • “Physicians spend nearly 2 hours on EHR tasks per hour of direct patient care”


    “An additional 1.4 hours per day of EHR time was spent outside of clinic hours… including 51 minutes per weekend”

    Tethered to the EHR: Primary Care Physician Workload Assessment Using EHR Event Log Data and Time-Motion Observations, Annals of Family Medicine, September 2017

  • Click to listen to full audio: Supreme Court Hearing

    Legal Tech

    Virtual AI legal assistant scribe for transcriptions and research.

    • Voice-AI based virtual legal assistant
    • Automatic and accurate transcriptions of courtroom trials, depositions, and expert witnesses
    • Speaker identification for up to 8 people talking
    • Identifies important elements within the transcription, including people, cases, law references, and locations
    • Includes full transcription along with AI based TLDR summarization
    • Works with Zoom and Teams audio recordings
    • Search federal (PACER) and state court records by voice
    • Monthly subscription fee, no up-front costs

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  • Connected Car

    Quantum Automotive is a real-time in-vehicle personal assistant platform providing best-in-class voice user experiences.

    • Automotive-grade, works 100% of the time, anywhere and everywhere
    • Works with or without Internet connection
    • Conversations are private and not recorded or shared
    • White label so car companies own the branding and the user experience
    • Multiple commands in single utterance, a true natural interface
    • Concurrent customizable wakewords in multiple languages
    • Demo eval version supports Nvidia Jetson, Nvidia Nano, Raspberry Pi, Ubuntu, and Debian platforms
    • MQTT, REST, and Socket real-time communications

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